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The difference between someone who is existing than someone who is living is the same choice between life and death. To exist is to stagnate, to wait, to dream, to fall asleep. Living is breathing, transcending, embracing, is liberation. There is just one decision and that is to go forward or to go backward: staying still is the same as going backward. Life is happening now and will not stop if you stop, if you pause life will not wait for you. If you say to life;

“I cannot do any more, I am tired, I want an easy life.” It will not listen. Life only knows how to be life and when you choose life you must be ready. It will shake you, move you, push you, awaken you. You can say no to life and shut him out but he will keep knocking on your door until one day you open and listen. When you do you will really live, you will really love, and you will become more than you ever thought possible.

Say Yes to life as much as you can and you will start an amazing journey.

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