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How long will a session last?

Usually 60 minutes but can go longer if required.

Can I ask questions during the Reading?

There is no need to ask during the reading but at the end if you have a and you can ask me.


Do I offer medium-ship for the deceased?

I only offer this if requested, there is no guarantee the spirit will come forward I do not charge if they do not, I will charge if they do.

Can you tell me the future? 

The future is not set in stone it is shaped by the decisions you make everyday. There is a destiny which is possible but I am not an Astrologer.

Do you offer discounts for low wage, students or people on state benefits? 

Yes - let me know how much you can afford.

Am I aligned with a specific religion or spiritual group?

I'm not aligned with any particular group, there are many paths to self-realisation. I believe that there have been many self-realised teachers who have brought us much knowledge to the Earth and it is up to each of us who we follow. I do have my spiritual Guides and teachers which work with me when I offer my healing and readings I do know them by their name but I have met them.


I believe healing and psychic awareness is a gift and should be used only to channel from the highest spiritual dimension.

Can you travel to my home?

Yes - let me know where you live.

Can you visit me or someone I know in hospital?

Yes- let me know where.

Are you available 7 days a week? 

Not always weekends but sometimes I am.


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