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Justin Sagen is a Psychic-Medium and Healer based in London, UK. He looks into health problems, psychic issues, relationships, career and offers guidance about your spiritual journey. He practises in London and over Skype/ Zoom.


Justin works by forming a link between the clients spiritual guides and the client, he can then channel the healing or information through himself. He has very high accuracy and the healing he offers works instantly.


I use a variety of techniques I've learnt from  N.L.P, counselling and mindfulness. I call myself a spiritual life coach because I am in touch with the spiritual level. That is to say that my focus is to connect you with your high level spiritual core. When we are connected to our spiritual core everything makes sense there is energy to do whatever we want and we are connected to the ocean of life but working just purely on a mental level or emotional level will not heal in the same way.

It is a very natural process through meditation, healing and self-growth. The healer is here to guide this process. I have found it to be the most effective way to heal and develop. 


I help people to understand this connection and experience it for them self, I use a combination of conventional tools and healing techniques. We will find the underlying problem in you're first session and go from there to heal it. The way I work is unique is a collection of tools have built up over the last 15 years.


I started meditation practice when I was 16 and I was the youngest person to ever be accepted onto a Vipassana meditation course which is a 10-day silent retreat. I've had natural psychic abilities (ESP) since I was a child and have offered readings/ healing's since then. I have been fascinated by healing, and solving people problems since I was young and this has pushed me to learn as much as I can.


During my readings I have helped to act as the medium between the client and their spirit guides which means I pass on information which is pertinent to their situation. I have been accurate about people in their life, relationship's, career, physical problems and other significant details.

‘Beyond the mental and emotional level there is the spiritual level which has it's own set of laws. When we decide to work with our spiritual nature life will change~ it will become joyous, effortless and feel natural we will feel a depth we might have never experienced before’.- Justin Sagen

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