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My Story

When I was a child I discovered I could heal people that were around me by placing my hands on them. I later discovered that I could heal remotely even by being thousands of miles apart. I later started to have contact with the spiritual dimension through messages and images. By using this I was able to perform healing and readings for friends.

In my 20's I began to notice that my spirit guides were around me and I was able to feel their presence. I realised my peers could not hear their spirit guides and I started to view this perception as a gift and not a problem. The contact became stronger and I ignored it for many years, I wanted to have a 'normal life.' and do 'normal things'. Nothing worked! It was only when I listened to my spirit guides and followed my passion did things really unfold and I started to enjoy my life work.


They guided me to use my gifts to help others. From 2007-2015 I have studied Theta healing, Master Key healing, Life coaching, spiritual healing, Astral travel and meditation.

In 2017 I had some very powerful psychic experiences my awareness became heightened and I could feel, see and experience reality from the spiritual dimension with clarity I have never experienced before. Two weeks later I encountered beings from another world, a portal opened up from the night sky and through a beam of light they came down. They were from the centre of the Universe and possessed incredible light and compassion. I had met very powerful teachers, healers and sage's who have influenced many events in our history.


The experience changed my whole life and I believe they are still with me today. When I started to take heed of their messages my life changed for the positive and I was guided to do the work I am doing today.

The spiritual dimension is not so far as you might believe and there are great teachers, healers, sage's around many of us. They have messages of wisdom and compassion to share. 

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