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Getting more of what you want out of life means having more of what you already have.

What you want is there around you in your world but to make it truly yours you must see it, accept it, and embrace it!

Anything can become yours if you are willing to believe you deserve it. By using your mind power you can attain more of what you want in a much faster, easier way.

Most people would agree that to have the life you want you must have these assets:

* Work hard * Skill * Intelligence * Self-worth

There is one more I would like to add to the mix…

Mind Power

This is the secret which can enrich your life. It is ability to use your focus in a conscious way. Negative focus leads to negative experiences, positive focus leads to positive experiences. In these steps I have created a process to help you to have more of what you want out of life..

The process…

1. Taking control

This is your life that belongs to you, and nobody else. Everything that has happened to you good or bad, positive or negative was your experience. No-one can have your experience and you cannot have anybody else’s experience blaming and complaining do nothing but give your power away. Your personal power to take control of your life comes from accepting yourself as the sole creator of your world.

There will always be ups and downs in life and that’s just the way it is. There is no need to dwell on anything for too long that will not make a change. Harsh experiences push you to grow and develop yourself in so many ways often we forget that and think that we are the only one who has experienced an emotion and no-one can understand but that’s not true. It’s so easy to fall into victim and forget all the blessings in life. Life is a blessing and the more you can see that the more power you have.

2. Just be

It has become normal to allow negative thoughts to become out of control to spend hours, days, weeks with the same negative thoughts and emotions. They can build upon each other and create a storm of negativity within you. This storm if not tamed can cause so much anguish, and emotional pain. The storm is heavy clouds that can be disbursed but if you or someone has been living in this cloud for a long time then they may have forgotten how it is to live in the sunshine.

If the storm is left untamed it can leave yourself and become a tornado. It can cause chaos in your home, your work place, it can leave you and enter you spouse, friends, family, children. It can burden others and create conflict in your relationships. It can increase in strength if it is not dealt with and understood.

It must be controlled, it must be tamed. To do this you must not focus on it take your mental attention away from it. In your meditation experience it for what it really is not what you want it to be. This storm is happening within the clouds of your mind and nobody else’s, allow the clouds to cry, the rain to release what they need to. When that happens the sunshine can come which will bring joy and positivity, after it you will be ready to accept joy, love and abundance.

3. Intention

You may want wealth, a relationship, something materiel, whatever it is the process is the same. Get clear about what you really want from life, be honest! You can have whatever you want so choose carefully what you put your energy into. Things can never make you happy- you want the feelings that the things can stimulate. People can never make you happy- you want the feelings that the person(s) can offer you.What will fulfil you in the long run? What do you feel is your purpose? Where can you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Focus on the result of the manifested physical experience (feelings). This is the life energy that will bring it into existence. The more intensely you can feel it the more it will manifest in your world.

4. Focus

In your meditation take your attention away from focusing on what you do not have- that only creates more of what you do not have! Instead use your mind power to focus on what you do have and that will increase!

Take some time in your day to practise meditation, when you are centred focus on what you want to try and manifest in your minds eye. See images, add sounds, music… Make a movie in your mind you are the star! Make it as real as possible. Watch this movie everyday. Feel it, see it, enjoy it…

5. Awareness

For example you make a list of the partner you want with red hair, brown eyes and good sense of humour. You may see this in the red roses on your way to work, you see this in the way your colleague/ friend looked at you the other day, you see this at the stand up comedy event you went to recently.

All these traits you want are already there but you must find them and focus on them, you must have them and enjoy them! The more you do this the more real they will become. Join the dots together, allow the fragments to become a whole. Take the paints from the pallet of life and use them to create a masterpiece of your own!

5. Act

How would you change if you had it? What would you do? How would it feel?Assume this role in your life now and all the rest will fall into place.

6. Live

Live life like never before. This could be your last day, your last moment, your final breath. What you want is ready for you but you must go out to get it!

7. Let go

When you have followed the process let go of the expectation to receive results. This is the most important because you have completed the process, so now is it’s time to relax. The request has been received by the Universes super-computer so you do not have to make any more effort. Any focused attention on what you do not have will block it from coming to you!

P.S If you would like support or guidance then contact me using the contact us page.

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