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Transmuting Pollution

Experiences are labelled as good/ bad, positive/ negative. We do this to ourselves, to others, things in our world. We classify, organise, intellectualise and we then label this process as intelligence. Everything has become separated, isolated. We go on intellectualising about everything… Is it good/bad, wrong/ right? There does not seem to be an end to it. 

We do this because of our religion, social rules, and education. This way of processing information and understanding ourselves can never create peace, harmony and balance in our world. The more we label our emotions and experiences the more we separate, the more we isolate. There will be more distance between the polarities in our emotions.

Happiness should be justified to be experienced,  suffering is a problem, it needs attention which makes it more of a problem. With this labelling of our emotions and states we are creating a division within ourself. The separation creates the suffering. Being too positive is the same as being too negative. If you neglect one polarity then it will grow stronger and it will not disappear.

This is happening on an individual level and on a global level.

The things that are going on in the world that we do not like and view as ‘not good’, ‘bad’, ‘evil’, is a part of humanity which has not been accepted. It has been pushed into the collective sub-conscious mind and ignored, it has not been brought into conscious awareness. Things which go on in our world are a part of ourselves. Can we have the awareness to own it and say ‘Yes I am that.’

The side of you, or the emotions that you have not accepted as ‘good’, ‘allowed’, ‘approved’, such as shame and anger will become repressed in the sub-concious mind. One day something will happen such as someone offends you and you have a massive reaction. All the repressed emotions surface not because that person offended you but because they triggered emotions that were already there. The situation triggered the emotions to arise. 

Balance is the key. Seeing everything as it is and not how you would like to be.

The ancient Chinese symbol of yin and yang describes it. There is an aspect of one side in the other. To know the day-time you must have an experience of the night-time otherwise how would you know what day-time is? How would you be able to enjoy it if you didn’t know the exact opposite? The same is true of all opposites; masculine and feminine, darkness and light, love

and fear: all polarities. There is always an aspect of one polarity in the other, they are connected, they are a circle, they are a whole. 

This is known as dualism

If someone asks you: Do you want to go the beach or the park today? Can you think about going to the beach and not think about going to the park? It is impossible. If you choose to go the beach you have chosen not to go to the park so you have chosen to be against going to the park.The park option was considered just as valid as the beach option so both are have become real in your mind.

So choosing this option over that option is ultimately false. There must be a third option… Not to choose.

How to transmute negativity

So the darkness will grow if it is not brought into the light. What we have labelled as darkness within ourselves and others must be brought into conscious awareness, accepted and ultimately loved for it to be dissolved. If we go on labelling and choosing what is good/ bad, wrong/ right we will go around in circles forever.

The polarities can only get further apart, the gap can only widen. There are extremes on our planet right now of darkness and light. The only way to re-address the balance is to go beyond darkness and light to be in a state of pure awareness. 

Observe the whole, own the whole. Be present at see it for what it is.

Practise meditation. Practising watching your mind…

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