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When times get tough I like to think of it like surfing. Riding the waves of emotion as they come up, down, and crash into whatever tries to stop them. My goal is to stay on top and not allow the current to pull me under. I know that if I can stay balanced then I will be carried to the shore safely but if I try to fight against the unpredictable, forceful waves then I might loose balance and fall off into the depths. I will then have to climb onto my board and start again. One thing I know is that the waves do not stop, if I am there or not. I have no influence over the waves but I can control my ability to ride them. It’s fun to be thrown off a couple of times and jump back on but it gets boring after a while, I’ve done that already. When a big wave comes out of nowhere and I ride it all the way down the coast I feel amazing, I think that wave could have destroyed me but it didn’t, I’m still afloat on the sea of infinite energy, power, and intelligent. Of course there will always be that wave that knocks me down and I think shit that hurt but if I can climb back on my board and keep surfing then it will work out.

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