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Spiritual Medium & Healer

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Hi, I'm Justin, nice to meet you! Please feel free to browse around my site, if you have any questions then send me a message and I will respond as soon as I can. Have a great day!

What I do

I am a Life coach, Psychic healer and  Spiritual healer. I use traditional Life coaching techniques and combine that with a holistic, spiritual approach. My expertise are in psychological issues, trauma, relationships, spirituality, health & well-being, and healing.

During a life coaching session we will look at the whole picture, I will help you to see your situation from another angle. I will offer you techniques and processes to help you succeed. My goal is to get you to your goal faster. 

The spiritual healing I offer works fast and is very powerful. I use my hands to sense the energy in someone's energy field. my hands heat up as the energy is channelled from the spiritual dimension. I can send energy, remove energy blocks, move energy. It is guided from the spiritual level so I act as the medium. After the session I will offer you feedback and offer you health advice. 

I also practise Theta healing and Master Key healing. These systems are based on clearing away old self-sabotaging beliefs and then re-establishing new positive beliefs. These systems work on many levels of our mind, body, spiritual body and even past lives! They are powerful healing modalities which can really make a massive difference in your state of happiness. 

I have worked with many clients over the last 8 years including celebrities. I am non-judgemental and welcome you to take this step with me on your journey of personal development.

I am available in person for a one-to-one session in Guildford, Surrey, or Islington London. Or if you prefer over Skype.



I specialise in:

  • Relationships

  • Trauma and abuse

  • Spiritual healing

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Light-body activation

  • Psychic healing


  • Health and wellness advice

  • Guidance with intense awakening experience

Contact details: or call 07476816742

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